A guide to becoming a brewer in Germany

Germany has an apprenticeship scheme like any other that allows young people to gain work experience, learn on the job and earn a bit of money and a qualification. However, the two unique aspects about the German apprenticeship schemes are the prestige it holds compared to similar schemes in the UK, for example, and the … Continue reading A guide to becoming a brewer in Germany


Transparency in German contract brewing

Transparency is, in my opinion, a key factor that sets small breweries apart from macro breweries. Transparency manifests itself in numerous ways, whether it's a brewery that offers tours to its visitors or whether we consider transparency as an open and honest dialogue between brewers and drinkers about the brewing process, raw materials and industry … Continue reading Transparency in German contract brewing

A few things that make the German brewer tick

Since I started my brewing course at Fritz-Henßler Berufskolleg in Dortmund in December 2016 I have not only been lucky enough to learn a great deal of theory and science relating to brewing and brewing technology, but I have also, perhaps equally as importantly, learnt about what it means to be a ‘German brewer’, even … Continue reading A few things that make the German brewer tick