My name is Ben Palmer, I am 24 years old and come from Sheffield, UK. I am writing a beer blog because I want to share my experiences and opinions of the beer culture, the beer industry and brewing in Germany with other English speakers.

Why is an English lad writing about German beer?

When studying the German language at Bristol University, UK I became fascinated by German beer. It started mainly during my third year abroad when I was living in Munich drinking whichever different Bavarian lagers and wheat beers I could get my hands on. This was complemented by one or two visits to the infamous Oktoberfest in Munich. Yes, I wore Lederhose and danced on the benches with a big pretzel in my hand. Yes, I was a drunk Brit abroad bla bla bla.

My best buddy Cian and I in the Hofbräuhaus tent at the Oktoberfest 2014

I then started to make my own all-grain beer at home using plastic buckets and a modified beer keg with some pretty varying results. Home brewing was mainly to meet the demand from my 8 beer drinking, student flatmates. After graduating from University in Summer 2016 I moved to Germany later that year to work for Ale-Mania brewery in Bonn. I trained for 18 months under the German apprenticeship scheme and am now Head Brewer. I work closely with Ale-Mania’s founder and owner, Fritz Wülfing who has played a huge role in thematising craft beer in Germany. When Fritz and I aren’t busy brewing beer we are lucky enough to travel around Germany holding tastings, pouring at beer festivals, visiting other breweries and bars/pubs and we have the opportunity to chat and drink beer with our customers, friends, industry experts, home brewers in Germany’s blossoming craft beer industry.

Fritz and I at the Düsseldorf Craft Bier Festival, April 2017

So what is this blog all about?

I will be writing about anything that I consider exciting, concerning or downright crazy that is happening in the German beer industry. I will not limit this blog to craft beer for two reasons: 1.) Germany is a country that is lucky enough to have a longstanding beer heritage that is able to coexist and intertwine with craft beer. I believe this is something that should be celebrated and not ignored. 2.) I bloody love a crisp German lager.

I will also be writing about some of my fond, personal beery experiences in Germany that allow me to reflect upon why I spend so much of my working life scrubbing tanks and getting covered in hop slime in order to be able to live in this fantastic country and to be a very small part of its exciting, diverse beer industry.

I will try and post every week or so and will keep you all updated about any exciting news from Ale-Mania HQ along the way.

Prost! Ben

P.s. Don’t worry Mum I don’t just spend the whole time drinking beer, I also go running sometimes and try to eat healthily xx

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